We first hosted one group of Sydney Conservatorium  opera singers in June 2013. The recital that evening was superb. Those young performers, in T shirts only hours earlier, appeared in clouds of silk and tulle, glittering jewels, black tie and elegant coiffure. They were radiant and glamorous. From the opening note they took the audience on a masterfully crafted musical journey involving every emotion. Members of the audience wanted to raise their crystal goblets, dash tears of rejection from their eyes, fall upon their swords in an agony of grief or climb to ecstasy on the wings of an exquisite experience. These singers portrayed every aspect of human existence and each time, they were so convincing their own personalities were lost and forgotten. Tears coursed down the cheeks and laughter lit the eyes of all who were there.

This was when we felt compelled to share the privilege of hearing these young artists with a wider audience. We  incorporated Voci Stupende as a not-for-profit organization in 2014 with the sole objective of championing the superlative talent of young singers and offering it to regional audiences.

Aspiring opera singers are trained not only in voice, acting and movement, but also in a dizzying array of languages. German, Italian, French, Spanish and English lead the way with periodic Czech and Russian. Their lives involve the perpetual stress of keeping their “instrument” healthy and functional for every performance. They enter eisteddfods and audition endlessly for opera companies. They vie for study awards and scholarships to be dispatched to places like New York or Milan or Vienna to learn from other masters. Amidst this ordeal of stressful self presentation to a plethora of critics, they exist by being waiters and short order cooks, usherettes, check out operators and casual teachers.

 Despite this, the chance to sing is paramount for them all.  Voci Stupende has been established to provide a platform for these young artists, before they are taken on by the wider operatic community, where they are allowed to do what they do best… sing.  As producers of Voci Stupende, we undertake the organization of tickets, advertising, venues and accommodation so a grateful public will have the opportunity to hear Voci Stupende live on a regional stage.

Every new venue opens  up more possibilities for Voci Stupende.  Residents of nearby towns who come to performances are  keen to offer their local knowledge on venues in their home towns and to spread the word to friends of prospective recitals. Through this Voci Stupende has grown.  We  welcome any support people can offer for this splendid cause.